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Insane OTAKON videogame music band weekend Jul. 16th, 2009 @ 05:46 pm

Big weekend in Baltimore. First off, I'm running a room at Otakon called JAMSPACE. We throw down an entire complete music stage and let anyone do whatever they want. It's a non-stop videogame music jam for 12 straight hours a day.

Secondly, we're throwing down FOUR videogame music bands/acts:
FRIDAY: Megaran @5pm, This Place Is Haunted @6pm
SAT: Armadillo Tank @1:30pm, Rare Candy (my band) @3pm

THIRD on Friday night, Rare Candy will be playing DONGFEST at the Sidebar. Make sure you're there by at least 9:30pm.

FOURTH, we're releasing our new Otakon-special-edition Rare Candy demo CDs. Catch both the blue and green versions. Coming soon: The full length album, just in time for 64bit genocide on Aug 22nd.

It's going to be an insane weekend.


Radio show tonight Apr. 14th, 2009 @ 08:28 pm
That's right Dom's Live Videogame Music show TONIGHT @10PM EST. BE there.

Super epic uber videogame music radio show Apr. 9th, 2009 @ 11:27 am
Tomorrow night, Friday April 10th, Dom, Ryan Meier, Kroze, Xerol, and others are doing UBER MEGA GIGANTIC SWEET LIVE VIDEOGAME MUSIC RADIO SHOW of DEATH


Don't miss it. Epic show in store.

Rare Candy Full Length CD + Mailing List Feb. 2nd, 2009 @ 06:23 pm
Did I mention that we're currently 5 tracks into a full-length album? Cause we are. This of course is my videogame music cover band Rare Candy.

Also, I setup a mailing list you can subscribe to to get info on our upcoming shows. We're busy on the album right now, but I'll be turning some major attention to booking some bigger shows in the next few weeks, including our CD release party. That list is Here

Also, I made a last minute decision to do some Magfest promoting over at Katsucon. If anyone is going, let me know. I should be bringing my keyboard and some other audio stuff. It'll be fun.


Magfest Staff Blog and Future Plans Jan. 6th, 2009 @ 02:08 pm
This is the new (as of Jan 2009) Magfest staff blog where we'll be posting up news and info, and bouncing ideas off of you guys. I'm Dom, the new Music Coordinator of Magfest. Expect the same insane music from years past but more of it and even more badass.

I think I'm speaking for everyone in saying that Magfest 7 ROCKED and was the best one so far. We had 3 nights of concerts, jamspace, a chiptunes rave, tons of impromptu and scheduled bands, insane gaming, insane LAN, and all around good time. Plus we had excellent game industry presence, awesome panels. We had 1350+ attendees, almost 30% up from last year. This year we had the most game music bands ever.

I am starting up this Magfest staff blog to give everyone on Magfest staff the opportunity to communicate what our plans and ideas for next year are, and to let you guys give us feedback and suggestions. Keep in mind, any of the stuff you see on this blog can change in an instant - Magfest is incredibly flexible and we'll change stuff up until the day before if we feel like it'll work better.

Here's a laundry list of our biggest things that we're looking at for next year:

JAMSPACE: The biggest changes relate to scheduled events in Jamspace: Next year Jamspace will return to be ONLY 24/7 unscheduled jamming. There will be no concerts of any kind in there, just freeform jamming as it was meant to be. Having scheduled events in there was a hack to get around not having the support to put them in other rooms and limiting the amount of jam times. Next year we're going to have more space for the other events.

NEW CHIPTUNES DANCE PARTY: If you weren't in Jamspace on Friday or Saturday night, you missed almost a dozen fantastic chiptunes artists (including the unbelievable Renard + Virt headline) rock the hell out of a packed-to-capacity, insane, glowstick-wielding, breakdancing crowd. It turns out that Magfest DOES like chip+dance stuff after all. Next year, we're not only bringing this back, but we're moving it into the main concert hall and doing a full-on non-stop hardcore chiptunes+dj party - for real. Think same energy as this year but bigger and more badass. I need you all to pimp this out that next year's CHIPTUNES PARTY is NOT to be missed.

OPEN MIC CONCERT: One the cool side-effects of Jamspace was that it gets people together and, once in a while, spawns bands like Metroid Metal. The Open Mic concert is a chance for those going the extra step to prepare stuff to be able to show it off at Magfest. To this effect the Open mic concerts will probably be moving somewhere that's not jamspace and getting a bit more official-ized, maybe even moving to the main concert hall during the day. They will still be open for any group that wants to sign up. We're going to work on some details that also don't step on bands which need practice time.

STAFFING: Our staff is brilliant and hardworking, but we need more! If you're even remotely interested in helping out, this is the year we're going to need you the most because Magfest is going to explode. Magfest 8 is the year we've been waiting for. We're looking for talented people to step up and take charge of areas they are passionate about.

MEDIA OPS: We started up a new department at Magfest headed by Kroze and Xerol called Media Ops. Media Ops is currently gathering up over 100 hours of DV video, multitrack audio, pictures, sites, blogs, and anything for use in future promotion. This is also and archive for guys like PBC, X-Strike, ScrewAttack, and anyone else who wants stuff. The idea is that you send us a terabyte drive, or send e.g. $150 and we'll buy one for you. We'll load it up full of uncompressed DV video clips of interesting things with good audio, then ship the hard drive back to you for consumption.

On that note as well, I've started up a Wiki page for any news sites or threads or videos we find from here on out. Thanks to ANYONE who posted something about Magfest:

PROMOTION: I will also say that our future promotion plans are bigger in scope than anything we've ever done before. I will need everyone's help on this getting things posted to sites. Expect really really big things for next year's marketing Blitz, which will probably kick in around August to September.

Magfest is the anti-convention and we intend to keep it that way - nothing to us is more important than keeping that grassroots user-driven feel that makes Magfest so unique amongst all other gaming and music events. HELP US ON OUR ROAD TOWARDS INEVITABLE WORLD DOMINATION.

Current Location: Baltimore
Current State: accomplished
Current Muzak: virt - sorcerer's battle
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» Videogame Music, Magfest, Rare Candy, INSANITY
TONS of news:

First off, LJ cut tags be damned, LOOK AT THIS:

MAGFEST!!! My band, Rare Candy, is playing on Thursday, Jan 1st along with Armadillo Tank, Year 200X, The Megas, and Entertainment System. It's going to be an amazing concert.

For magfest we're very close to being finished recording a 4 track EP, here's the cover for it:

Seriously, if you're anywhere near DC from Jan 1-4 and you like videogames or videogame music, you are required to be at Magfest. This is not a request.

In related news: PODCASTS are finally available for my radio show: Dom's Live Videogame Music Show. Get them on the site or subscribe on iTunes
» Magfest 7: 2 months to go
The greatest videogame music and gaming festival (that I also happen to help run, this is purely objective) comes to Washington DC in Jan 1-4.

We have 3 nights of concerts with more than 12 videogame music bands, gigantic LAN party, a massive console gaming ballroom with a giant library of selectable games, and of course: JAMSPACE - where we throw down an entire stage with instruments and lights and let anyone play whatever they want 24/7.

It's like 1000 hardcore geeks, gamers, videogame composers, and remixers take over a hotel for 4 days and party they way the universe intended.

IN HONOR of this insane event, I decided to make a video about it. I give you MAGFEST 7: BRAWL. If you've ever seen Brawndo or Powerthirst, you'll get this. If you haven't, it's still funny.

Admission is $40 and hotel rooms are $99/night if you book before Dec 1st. If you split a room you're talking like $25/night/person. It's the best, cheapest festival ever.

» RARE CANDY nearly destroys Earth; show on Monday


BREAKING NEWS: Baltimore based videogame cover band RARE CANDY nearly destroys Earth in preparation for their next show at the Sidebar Tavern, Baltimore, on Monday, Sept 22nd 2008.

CNN: During more preliminary tests of the recently activated LHC collider - the largest particle collider ever built - scientists nearly averted disaster when a black hole was inadvertently created during a test proton firing around the 17 mile ring near the border of France and Switzerland.

Investigations revealed that CERN instrumentation detected an abnormal resonance response created from an external source. This caused the gigantic electromagnets to fire off independently from the central control room, thus accelerating particles out of control.

Fortunately, as predicted , this black hole was short lived and quickly evaporated, doing only minor damage to the interior wiring shaft - damage that CERN staff hope to have repaired in a only few weeks.

UPDATE: Police have traced this external stimulus to Baltimore based videogame cover band Rare Candy.

Band member and computer scientist, Dominic Cerquetti, was testing a new musical invention - the KEYTANA - a combination sword and keyboard - which is set to be unveiled on the stage at their next show at the Sidebar Tavern, this Monday, Sept 22nd, 2008.

While downloading data from LHC for analysis, Dominic reportedly routed part of the audio from Rare Candy's performance to the LHC's signal analysis unit. Due to a software glitch, the signal was mistakenly sent directly to the gigantic superconducting magnets causing them resonate in-sync with the music - effectively turning the LHC collider into one immense 17-mile-wide speaker on the surface of the earth.

The sound waves produced were so loud that Rare Candy's music was able to be heard around the entire world at different parts of the day. The sound waves are still encircling the globe and are expected to do so every 36 hours for the next few weeks, shattering windows and setting off car alarms worldwide. So far, no serious injuries have been reported.

When asked for comment, Dominic merely stated: "It was never my intention to use the world's larger multi-trillion dollar physics experiment as a sounding board to deliver our music around the world." After a brief pause, he stopped to think and then smiled. "But, that sure is a novel idea...."

Rare Candy is allegedly playing videogame songs from Mario, Zelda, Yoshi's Island, Chrono Trigger, Kirby, Star Fox, Star Tropics, Cave Story, and possibly more at their next show.

Dominic hopes to have all the bugs in KEYTANA worked out in time for Rare Candy's show at Magfest 7 on Jan 1st 2009. If not, says Dominic: "I will be prepared to risk the world again for one final performance. I believe it will be worth it."

WORLDWIDE FALLOUT: Political leaders were quick to denounce this incident as a case for more government oversight on physics, videogames, and rock and roll music.

John McCain was quick to release a statement: "Do we now see what effect that videogames, rock and roll, and gigantic superconducting magnets are having on our youth? If I'm elected president I will ensure that such an event won't happen again. The American people deserve better than to be bombarded with 'rock' and 'roll' music from France."

Stocks took a tumble as already nervous and haggard investors were shaken by the sound waves' passage over Wall Street this morning around 10:30am. The DOW, however, rose an astonishing 887 points in what top financial analysts believe is sudden long-term investment into large-scale speaker research.

"You see, we're much more than a band." says JD, the band's drummer. "Rare Candy *IS* the solution to worldwide economic crisis."
» OldSchoolGamingZone.com
OK listen. http://baltimorebarcams.com/vgmusic is a hella name to remember for my show's website.

Perhaps easier on the brain is the new URL which is:

The old link still works, it's just the new one is easier to remember.
» Radio show site cleanup
Attention all! This blog is now the official news source of Dom's Live Videogame Music Show. I moved it here so it'll be easier to update.

Got a couple of things coming down the pipe:

Much needed updates to the site. The radio show site webcam now works again, and the lights work again and have a better script. In addition THIS blog now appears on the news page.

I finally have my recording rig setup to reliably edit every show and we'll be podcasting shortly enough. This will be for all new shows from here out, and we'll add old shows up as we get time (I do have most of them recorded).

Show listener counts now regularly top out above 30! YOU GUYS ROCK. We're also approaching 1 year or so of weekly shows (I can't remember when exactly we started but it was sometime in September or earlier last year.)

Also, secret promotions stuff for the show is in store. Maybe. Details are scare at this time, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve and we'll see what happens.

Finally, look out for more Rare Candy (my band) goodness as we're working on our album and booking more shows. Also Magfest is going to be INSANE this year. I'm also cooking up some secret sauce for that which could involve more than you think. Details to come.

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